Clinical and Educational Supervision

We run a range of courses for clinical and educational supervisors, these include full day courses, half day updates and advanced workshops looking at specific subject areas in greater depth

We offer our programmes both face to face and alternatively as a
virtual interactive workshop

Full day programme for New and Existing Educational Supervisors

For new clinical and educational supervisors and also for existing trainers who have not completed any updates for a considerable time and would like to attend a full day
(6 hours CPD)

Clinical and Educational Supervisors Update

For existing clinical and educational supervisors requiring an annual update
(3 hours CPD)

Trainees requiring additional support (doctor in difficulty)

This is an advanced supervision workshop to help supervisors support and manage a trainee who is experiencing additional difficulties in their training
(3 hours CPD)

Our courses are delivered by inspirational and experienced doctors with a an extensive background in postgraduate medical education

Clinical & Educational Supervisors Programme

6 Hours CPD

Clinical & Educational Supervisors Update

3 Hours CPD

Advanced Course for Supervisors

3-6 Hours CPD

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Founded in 2010, DoctorsTraining is a collaboration of medical educators, executive coaches and leadership experts, working together to provide professional development and support for doctors by doctors


Simon is just excellent. He was patient, listened to us, and provided appropriate replies to our queries. He is extremely knowledgeable in this field, and it was a pleasure to have him as a facilitator for the day.


I really liked the interactive nature of the session host was very knowledgeable learnt a lot of things and had time during session to reflect on what was being said. the session was made easy to engage clear instructions on zoom of how the programme is laid out (that was learning for me) also good use of technology to keep it interesting throughout

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