Leadership for New Consultants

Cohort 2

December 3rd & 4th December 2019,  and May 13th 2020  

Uffculme Centre, Birmingham  – Directions >

Thanks for registering on this course, which is aimed at new consultants and senior SAS doctors who, having achieved their goals for their clinical role, now find themselves in a more leadership role. This change in emphasis leads to the requirement to develop additional knowledge and skills to ensure they fulfil the expectations of themselves, others and their organisation.

During the first 2 days topics will include

  • Understanding and developing self
  • Personal leadership skills
  • Coaching techniques
  • Becoming more Strategic
  • Supporting & Developing your team.

To develop the learning from this 2 day course we wish you to identify a topic/project that you wish to consider or achieve over the next 6 months. Please consider what this might be and complete the attached template and bring a paper copy of it with you to the course. This may well change during the course – that’s fine.

Day 3 will be held at Uffculme Centre from 10am to 5pm. It will include revisiting the learning and personal development since day 1&2, reviewing your personal project and develop ideas further around Managing Conflict, having Difficult Conversations and additional topics that you wish to cover.

I attach a suggested programme for these two days – which will probably change a bit to accommodate individual needs. We will start prompt at 10am on the first day so please be punctual. The format is informal and interactive. There will be a variety of different group and discussion activities.

Personal Project

All participants will be expected to bring with them a current leadership challenge that is a real issue / project within their educational role. Time is assigned to discuss this in a structured manner within the course. Advice from faculty is also available. A template will be circulated before the course to focus the project on paper, to enable appropriate pairings and to assist others to quickly understand the topic.

This is a mandatory and key part of the course.

Post course resources

Once the course has started we will release access to a resource page of materials that you can download and access. A password will be sent to enter this protected area.

Open post course resource page >>

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