The purpose of feedback is to:

  • Recognise and build on strengths
  • Identify limitations & structure development needs
  • Encourage self awareness & insight
  • Facilitate reflection
  • Set clear goals to improve performance and assist in career development

Top tips

Set up

  • Specific, Sensitive & Timely
  • Suitable venue away from patients
  • Clarify timeframe & agenda
  • Confidential


  • Describes behaviour and its impact – non-judgmental
  • Involves the receiver – conversation – manage the airtime >50% theirs
  • Frequent
  • Fair
  • Relevant to their stage of training and against known expectations – don’t move goal post
  • Balanced – positive & negative 

Feedback should be understood and accepted by the receiver so remember to check out what they heard. Your version of the conversation may be different to theirs.


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