Appraisal Training

DoctorsTraining has been delivering training courses for new appraiser along with annual updates now for over 10 years with a number of regular NHS Trusts.

We offer our programmes both face to face and alternatively as an interactive virtual interactive workshop supported by pre-course eModules

New Appraiser Blended Programme

We have adapted our traditional 2-day face to face programme to accommodate the need for greater flexibility in the training of new appraisers. The core knowledge and skills are covered in our online interactive eModules based on materials provided by NHSE. 
(12 hours CPD)

Supporting the Experienced Appraiser

We have a range of half and full day workshops for existing appraisers to update their skills and catch up with the latest changes in appraisal and revalidation
(3 hours CPD)

New Appraiser Programme 3rd April 2023

Facilitator Dr Mark Slade

Mark has held leadership roles within the NHS, as a clinical director, specialty director and medical director.  He is a committed educator and trainer and enjoys excellent feedback as a coach, mentor, educational supervisor and appraiser. 

He sat on an advisory panel on the development of the GMC educational standards, and acts as an appraiser of medical directors for NHS England.  He completed the international health and social care leadership programme of the University of Yale school of public health and regularly teaches on leadership and its components.  He continues to practise clinically, working part-time in acute medicine.

Pre-course eModules 
  • What is the purpose of appraisal?
  • What makes a good appraiser
  • What’s needed for appraisal in revalidation
  • Professional judgment of supporting information
  • Documenting the summary of appraisal
  • Quality Assurance of appraisal
  • GMC Reflective Practitioner guidance
Live Teaching
  • Communication skills within appraisal – active listening, questioning skills & providing feedback
  • Skills practice – conducting a mini appraisal
  • Effective Personal Development Plans 
  • Understanding local processes and specialty specific issues
  • Managing the difficult appraisal
New Appraiser Blended Programme

12 Hours CPD

Supporting the Experienced Appraiser

3 Hours CPD

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Founded in 2010, DoctorsTraining is a collaboration of medical educators, executive coaches and leadership experts, working together to provide professional development and support for doctors by doctors


“Useful precourse material meant less need for didactic teaching in the workshop leaving moretime for discussion.  Knowledgeable trainers who are also practising doctors was very important.  The size of group overall was just right; breakout sessions into 2-3 people worked well too”


Small group of 2-3 in break rooms has worked well. Delivering this course on zoom was absolutely fine, no issues at all. Pre-course preparation was spot on, available extra readingvery useful. Course facilitators knowledgeable, genuine and enthusiastic”.

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