Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)- Level 7 Certificate for Executive & Senior Level Coaches & Mentors


At DoctorsTraining, we are committed to providing our learners with the opportunity to build on the initial workshops and progress to a formal qualification. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Advanced Coaching Academy, one of the UK’s leading coaching and mentoring organisations, to offer the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)- Level 7 Certificate for Executive & Senior Level Coaches & Mentors.


This programme is aimed at anyone who undertakes coaching and/or mentoring in their workplace or who wishes to develop coaching and or mentoring within their organisation. There is also an intention to support candidates to develop their expertise and accredit their experience as a professional coach and mentor.

The Level 7 qualification is ideal for senior leaders with significant responsibility for coaching and mentoring as part of their day-to-day role working with employees and colleagues. It is also designed to develop learners planning to move into a senior executive role or to establish and enhance an existing career as a coach or mentor offering coaching and mentoring to people within settings dealing with strategy and senior decision-making.

It is also aimed at those who are offering or wish to offer coaching/mentoring at a high level within organisations or as an external coach or mentor. You will need to have access to complete at least 20 hours of coaching and mentoring in the workplace.

To enrol in our program, you must commit to: 
  • Attend all delivery workshops (we can be flexible with attendance on the group supervision or tutorial dates)
  • Time commitment to complete 20 hours of coaching/mentoring for the ILM assessment by the allotted assessment date
  • Identify a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 coachees/mentees at an appropriate level to complete your coaching/mentoring hours
  •  Identify potential supervision (min. of 2 hours from either a supervisor, tutor, or experienced coach) so you can evidence your supervisory support in the qualification
  • The ILM assigns 138 hours to this qualification for the Total Qualification Time. This is estimated on the number of hours a learner will reasonably be likely to spend in preparation, study, or any form of participation, including assessment. This is only a guideline and will depend highly on your own personal learning ability and style.

ILM Qualification and Assessment

To achieve your ILM qualification, you will be required to complete 3 assignments:
  • Assignment 1 focuses on your understanding of coaching and mentoring theory but linked to your own environment and practice.
  • Assignment 2 requires you to evidence you have undertaken 20 hours of coaching and mentoring, including specific elements of coaching, and mentoring like goal setting. You need to keep diaries, notes, and logs of your practice to evidence your work.
  • Assignment 3 is a reflective review on your coaching and mentoring including the impact of your own and your clients’ characteristics.

Taught course 7 days.  (Additional time for coaching practice and assignments).