Core Medical Leadership 2 Day Programme

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of leadership and management principles and practices that aim to improve engagement and outcomes in patient care. Participants will develop an understanding of their leadership responsibilities as clinicians, acquire effective leadership behaviours, and practice coaching skills to enhance their personal leadership development plan. 

The course covers essential topics, including team working, interpersonal effectiveness, and negotiation skills to manage challenging discussions. Through a mix of interactive sessions, case studies, and exercises, participants will develop a range of practical skills and techniques that they can apply in their day-to-day practice

Day one 

Module 1: What is Leadership and Management?

  • Understand the principles of effective clinical leadership in safe and effective care delivery
  • Explore different leadership styles and frameworks and learn how to apply them in practice
  • Develop effective leadership behaviours and an ability to adapt to different situations to improve engagement and outcomes

Module 2: Self-Awareness and Leadership Coaching

  • Appreciate your leadership style preferences and their impact on others
  • Understand your own emotional intelligence profile and how to develop it for improved leadership performance
  • Develop a personal leadership development plan tailored to your individual needs and goals

Day two 

Module 3: Team working 

  • Appreciate the roles of all team members in the multidisciplinary team and the importance of a just, open and transparent culture
  • Understand why leadership and team working are important and the principles of inclusive, kind, and compassionate leadership
  • Actively participate and contribute to the success of a team and understand team role profiles and critical success factors for building a successful team
  • Learn strategies for supervising, challenging, influencing, appraising, and mentoring colleagues and peers to enhance performance and support development

Module 4: Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Develop confidence in handling challenging conversations and negotiations
  • Think critically about decision-making processes and communicate decisions in an honest and transparent way
  • Undertake stakeholder analysis and understand the different sources of power and how they impact on the ability to effectively influence change
  • Set long-term goals and communicate a strong vision to inspire and motivate others towards a shared vision of success
  • Develop strategies to optimise self-care, resilience, and emotional agility in ourselves and our team.

This course is ideal for:

This course is suitable for emerging and existing medical leaders at all levels who are looking to enhance their leadership and management skills in order to improve engagement and outcomes in their teams.

Postgraduate doctors, SAS, local employed doctors, consultants, and allied healthcare professionals