Advanced Communication Skills Masterclass Day 2 – Understanding and Challenging our own Professional Behaviours

Summary of workshop 

Building upon the foundation established in the ‘Advanced Communication Skills Masterclass core – modelling professional behaviours workshop,’ the stage 2 workshop offers a personalized experience for individuals to hone their communication skills in smaller group settings. By providing the opportunity to focus on specific scenarios, participants will engage in intensive practice that will refine their abilities to effectively communicate in complex and challenging situations.

What will be covered? 

During the workshop, learners will have the opportunity to work with two professional medical education actors who will help simulate challenging communication scenarios in a safe and supportive environment. These exercises are designed to help learners develop and practice their communication skills and provide a valuable opportunity to receive feedback from both the actors and facilitator. 

  • Developing a deeper understanding of communication frameworks and strategies for handling various communication challenges in the workplace.
  • Enhancing communication skills in challenging scenarios, such as conflict resolution, delivering constructive feedback, breaking bad news, managing complaints or errors, and more.
  • Increasing self-awareness and understanding to communicate with greater clarity and compassion.
  • Improving leadership and interpersonal skills by reflecting on complex scenarios, learning useful tools and phrases, and applying them in practice.
This course is ideal for:

The second day workshop is reserved for postgraduate doctors who have completed the ‘Advanced Communication Skills Masterclass Day 1- Modelling Professional Behaviours workshop’ and require additional targeted support to further develop their communication skills. 

Maximum number of delegates is 6.