Coaching and Mentoring (Advanced)

Summary of workshop 

Our advanced coaching workshops are designed for participants who have already completed the Introduction to Coaching Skills course. These workshops will build on existing coaching skills and provide you with the tools and techniques to work with doctors who are facing more complex challenges. Our workshops are led by experienced coaches who have worked with doctors in a variety of settings. 

What will be covered? 
  • Increased confidence and competence: Our advanced coaching workshops will help participants feel more confident and competent as a coach. They will learn new techniques and approaches to coaching, and gain a deeper understanding of the coaching process.
  • Enhanced ability to work with limiting assumptions and blocks: Our workshops will teach you how to identify and work through limiting assumptions and blocks that may be holding your doctors back. Participants learn how to ask powerful questions, challenge assumptions, and help doctors develop new perspectives and strategies.
  • Improved ability to work with complex challenges: Our advanced coaching workshops will teach you how to work with doctors who are facing more complex challenges, such as managing conflict, navigating change, or dealing with difficult personalities. Participants learn how to adapt your coaching approach to meet the specific needs of each individual doctor.
  • Increased ability to facilitate group coaching: Our workshops will teach you how to facilitate group coaching sessions, which can be a powerful tool for improving teamwork and communication among doctors. Participants learn how to create a safe and supportive environment for group coaching, and how to manage group dynamics effectively.
This course is ideal for:

Participants who have previously completed one of our introduction courses and existing coaches and mentors. 

Learning Outcomes amended for the three hour session.