Medical Ethics The Foundation for trust – Avoiding Regulatory and Legal Pitfalls

Summary of workshop 

This course is designed for healthcare professionals who want to deepen their understanding of medical ethics and improve their ability to navigate the associated regulatory and medicolegal risks. With expert facilitators and engaging exercises, participants will leave the course better equipped with effective strategies to avoid pitfalls and build trust with patients, colleagues, and regulatory bodies.

What will be covered? 
  • A review of the evolution of medical ethics
  • The importance of recognising areas of challenge
  • Exploration of the greatest ‘day-to-day’ ethical challenges and medicolegal pitfalls 
  • Consent and shared decision making
  • Communicating risk 
  • Truth-telling and Duty of Candour
  • Speaking up – how can we do this safely?
This course is ideal for:

Postgraduate doctors, SAS, local employed doctors, consultants, and allied healthcare professionals