CESR Workshop

Summary of workshop 

Join our CESR workshop and explore top tips and strategies to support you with the CESR process.

What will be covered? 
  • Understand the purpose of a portfolio and how to tailor it depending on purpose
  • Know what information to collect, how to map it to the curriculum of both specialty and Good Medical Practice to demonstrate your clinical and non-clinical skills for CESR
  • Appreciate the value of recording reflections to demonstrate learning and competence
  • Explored your own training to date and identified gaps and future opportunities to maximise your success when applying for CESR
This course is ideal for:

Consultants …

GMC Approved AoME domains –

Effective training by success in GMC survey 
“Simon and his team recently provided some workshops for a department in my hospital on creating a positive learning environment and reflective practice. This really enhanced the change in culture for training and education in the department. It showed in our GMC results for that department which wet from multiple red outliers in the previous GMC survey to completely white/no outliers in the latest one.”

Director of Medical Education, London based Hospital