Supporting the Wellbeing of and Selfcare of your Team


An opportunity to learn, reflect on and practise constructive ways of supporting their appraisee / colleagues, in order to equip them with strategies to optimise their personal and professional effectiveness.

What will be covered? 
  • Reflection on the common challenges doctors face 
  • How health, illness, stress, and fatigue impact performance, and how to recognise this early 
  • The importance of energy management, not just time 
  • How to effectively approach achieving work-life balance 
  • Strategies to optimise self-care, resilience and emotional agility in ourselves and our colleagues 
  • What you can do to create a supportive learning environment 
  • How to recognise and support colleagues in difficulty
This course is ideal for:

Appraisers, clinical leads, SAS tutors, medical leaders, and managers

Learning Outcomes amended for the three hour session.