New Appraiser Training

What will be covered? 


Our medical appraisal training program is designed to equip appraisers with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct effective appraisals that meet the standards set by the GMC and reflect the philosophy updated Medical Appraisal Guide (MAG) 2022 – “Fit for the future”.

Pre-Course Modules

Our program includes a range of pre-course modules that cover the fundamentals of medical appraisal. Participants will learn about the purpose of appraisal, what makes a good appraiser, and what’s needed for appraisal in revalidation. They will also develop their professional judgment in supporting information and learn how to document the summary of appraisal to ensure quality assurance.

  • What is the purpose of appraisal?
  • What makes a good appraiser?
  • What’s needed for appraisal in revalidation
  • Professional judgment of supporting information
  • Documenting the summary of appraisal
  • Quality Assurance of appraisal
  • GMC Reflective Practitioner guidance


Our medical appraisal training program is delivered by experienced and knowledgeable medical appraisers who are passionate about improving the quality of medical appraisals. We offer both face to face and virtual training options, allowing you to choose the delivery method that works best for you.

  • Coaching skills within appraisal 
  • Skills practice – conducting a mini-appraisal
  • Effective Personal Development Plans
  • Understanding local processes and specialty specific issues
  • Managing the difficult appraisal

The workshop has a key focus on coaching skills within appraisal. Participants will learn active listening, questioning, challenge, and providing feedback, all of which are essential skills for effective appraisals. They will also have the opportunity to practice conducting a mini appraisal, which will help them to hone their skills and gain confidence.

Effective personal development plans are also a key component of our training program. Participants will learn how to develop personal development plans that are both meaningful and achievable, helping them to improve their practice and meet their professional goals.

We also understand that each hospital has its own unique processes and specialty-specific issues. Our program is designed to take these factors into account, ensuring that participants have a thorough understanding of local processes and specialty-specific issues.

At the heart of our training program is the GMC Reflective Practitioner guidance. We believe that reflection is an essential part of the appraisal process, and we work with participants to develop their reflective practice skills. By the end of the program, participants will have a thorough understanding of the GMC guidance and will be able to apply it to their practice.

Finally, we understand that conducting appraisals can sometimes be challenging. Our program covers the approach to managing difficult appraisals, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle challenging situations with confidence.

This course is ideal for:

New Appraisers

Previous Feedback

“Useful pre-course material meant less need for didactic teaching in the workshop leaving more time for discussion. Knowledgeable trainers who are also practising doctors was very important”.

“The size of group overall was just right; breakout sessions into 2-3 people worked well too”. 

“Delivering this course on zoom was absolutely fine, no issues at all. Pre-course preparation was spot on, available extra reading very useful”.