Career Skills Workshop: Support Your Teams Career Development


As an appraiser, they have a critical role in supporting the appraisees’ professional development. This workshop will provide the tools and exercises to enhance appraisers/lead’s ability to guide appraisees through career discussions and help them make informed decisions.

What will be covered? 

Career development is a lifelong process, and we all need to support our workforce development in the early stages, mid and later stages of their career. By providing participants with the tools and guidance they need, we can help support the workforce to achieve greater job satisfaction, reduce the risk of burnout or career stagnation, and ultimately contribute more to your organisation and minimise attrition.

Through a series of self-assessment exercises, structured career exploration, and informed decision-making strategies, we empower appraisers to guide their appraisees to build fulfilling careers that align with their aspirations and values.

  • Self-assessment exercises on work values, achievements, skills and interests, stresses, and strains, and role models
  • Structured career exploration using the ROADS model to evaluate career options
  • Informed decision-making strategies to help you guide your appraisees to weigh pros and cons and make difficult decisions
  • Development of a career action plan to set goals and priorities
  • Goal setting and progress tracking strategies to help you support your appraisees in maintaining motivation and focus
This course is ideal for:

Appraisers, clinical leads, SAS tutors, medical leaders, and managers