Appraisers Forum


An opportunity for your appraisers to reflect on their role and enhance their skills. Our workshop is designed to focus on key themes and challenges identified through a pre-course review, exploring the key priorities of your Trust. This tailored approach ensures that the content is relevant and specific to your organisation, providing maximum value for your appraisers.

What will be covered? 
  • Tailored content: Our workshop is designed to focus on the key themes and challenges that are specific to your organisation. Through a pre-course review, we will identify the most pressing issues facing your appraisers and tailor the content to address those needs.
  • Reflection on the role: The workshop provides an ideal opportunity for participants to reflect on their role as an appraiser. Through group discussions and practical exercises, they will gain a better understanding of your responsibilities and how to effectively support their colleagues’ development.
  • Meaningful appraisal process: We’ll guide participants through the process of providing a meaningful appraisal, including how to identify areas for improvement, set realistic goals, and provide constructive feedback. 

Our experienced facilitators who are medical appraisers will guide your appraisers through a range of activities, including group discussions, case studies, and practical exercises. This interactive approach ensures that the workshop is engaging and effective, providing your appraisers with practical skills that they can apply immediately.

This course is ideal for:

Existing and New Appraisers