Trainees Requiring Additional Support (Supporting Doctors in Difficulty)

Summary of Workshop

This workshop aims to boost confidence in providing support to trainees who require extra help due to challenges or concerns regarding their performance. Through a combination of interactive discussions, case studies, and role-playing exercises, participants will gain practical experience in providing support to trainees in a variety of scenarios 

What will be covered? 
  • How to recognise a postgraduate doctor who needs specific support 
  • What underlying factors may be contributing to problems, and how to identify these 
  • Clarification of the role and responsibilities of an Educational Supervisor, the postgraduate school, and the Hospital in supporting trainees and responding to concerns effectively 
  • Ways of giving constructive feedback on suboptimal performance 
  • How to formulate SMART learning objectives for a postgraduate doctor who requires additional support 
  • Strategies for support and remediation 
  • Tips for documenting discussions with postgraduate doctors to maintain a fair and accurate record 
This course is ideal for:

Educational and Clinical Supervisors, Appraisers, Trainers, Tutors.

GMC Approved AoME domains – 1-7

*Learning outcomes are amended for the three hour session