Train the Trainer – Two Day Programme

Summary of Workshop

Train the Trainer is a two day programme designed for healthcare professionals who are interested in developing their teaching skills and assuming a supervisory role in medical education. The workshop is mapped to the AoME Professional standards for medical, dental, and veterinary educators (Sep 21). 

Day one of the workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of education theory, learning needs analysis, and different teaching strategies and modalities. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply their learning through micro-teaching practice and structured education encounters. 

The second day of the workshop will focus on supervision skills, feedback, and assessment of learning, preparing participants for a future role as a clinical or educational supervisor. 

Finally, participants will explore future careers and leadership opportunities in medical education, as well as considering their educational scholarship and leadership skills. 

By the end of the programme, participants will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to design, deliver, and evaluate effective learning activities and become effective trainers. 

What will be covered? 

Day One

Design and Planning of Learning activities

  • Plan and provide effective education and training activities 
  • Describe how the principles of learning and teaching are incorporated into educational developments 
  • Demonstrate awareness of different ways of learning and teaching 
  • Show how the needs of learners are considered 
  • Demonstrate awareness of the need to define what is to be learned 
  • Demonstrate awareness of a range of learning methods, experiences, and resources and how they may be used effectively 
  • Evaluate and reflect on the effectiveness of their educational activities 

Teaching and facilitating learning

  • Describe basic educational theories and principles 
  • Create effective learning opportunities for learners and doctors in training 
  • Appropriately uses a broad range of educational methods and technologies to achieve intended learning outcomes 
  • Describe ways of involving learners in actual clinical practice 
  • Give evidence of personal reflective practice. 

Day Two

The focus of day two will be the role of an educator and supervisor of trainees, undergraduate students and members of the multi-professional team.

Supervision skill, feedback and assessment of learning

  • Describe a supportive learning environment and reflect upon your own speciality and Trust 
  • Describe the roles of Educational & Clinical Supervisors 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and familiarity with the Portfolio, ARCP and workplace assessment methods 
  • Demonstrate awareness that assessment should align with learning outcomes 
  • Formulate useful PDP objectives and suggest ways in which they might be addressed 
  • Provide supportive developmental feedback, both verbally and in writing, to learners and doctors in training 
  • Assess objectively and fairly the performance of learners and other doctors in training 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the general purpose of formative and summative assessment and awareness of methods of feedback to the learner 
  • Support the learner to reflect safely on their practice and critical incidents 
  • Appreciate the factors that can impact on a trainee performance 
  • Increase in confidence supporting a trainee where their performance is of potential concern 
  • Understand how to raise concerns about the performance or behaviour of a learner or other doctor in training who is under their clinical supervision 
  • Enhance your ability to produce a high quality and meaningful supervisors report 

Educational scholarship management and leadership

  • The final section will give delegates the opportunity to explore future careers and leadership opportunities in medical education 
This course is ideal for:

Trainees, Allied Health Care Professionals, Trainers, Supervisors, SAS, Education leads, Tutor/TPD’s, Senior Faculty, Appraisers. 

GMC Approved AoME domains – 1-7