Presentation Skills

Summary of Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn how to apply a proven framework for crafting compelling presentations. They will also explore ways to present themselves confidently at formal meetings and interviews, leveraging their unique experiences, skills, and strengths to make a lasting impression 

Moreover, participants will identify specific areas to focus on to improve their communication and hone their delivery style. With ample opportunities to practice their presentation skills in a supportive environment, they will build the confidence they need to perform in any setting. 

What will be covered? 
  • Apply a framework for preparing & delivering presentations 
  • Consider ways to present oneself at formal meetings and interviews 
  • Identify and articulate strengths, skills & unique experiences 
  • Identify areas to focus on to improve communication 
  • Opportunity to practice presentation skills in a virtual environment 
This course is ideal for:

Trainees, Allied Health Care Professionals, Trainers, Supervisors, SAS, Education leads, Tutor/TPD’s, Senior Faculty, Appraisers. 

GMC Approved AoME domains – 3