Understanding and Supporting Neurodiverse Trainees

Summary of Workshop

The objective of this initiative is to promote understanding of neurodiversity among doctors, and to identify effective strategies for supporting both neurodiverse and neurotypical trainees and colleagues. 

What will be covered? 
  • Defining Neurodiversity: We will explore what the term “neurodiverse” means, and why it is important to embrace neurodiversity in healthcare settings.
  • Overcoming Bias: We will address the negative stereotypes that often surround neurodiversity and identify strategies for challenging these biases.
  • Managing Triggers: We will discuss how to recognize triggers that can lead to unhealthy behaviours, and how to mitigate their impact.
  • Coaching Skills: We will provide training in key areas such as self-care, calming techniques, time management, reducing procrastination, and enhancing communication, to help doctors better support their neurodiverse colleagues.
  • Legal and Ethical Obligations: We will review the legal and ethical obligations that apply to all doctors, and how they can promote neurodiversity in their practice.
  • Reasonable Adjustments: We will explore practical solutions for making reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of neurodiverse individuals in healthcare settings.
  • Psychological Safety: We will emphasize the importance of creating a psychologically safe environment for all individuals, regardless of their neurodiversity status.

By addressing these topics, we hope to enhance equality and promote inclusion for all doctors, regardless of their neurodiversity status. 

This course is ideal for:

Trainers, Supervisors, SAS, Education leads, Tutor/TPD’s, Senior Faculty, Appraisers

GMC Approved AoME domains – 1-7

* Learning outcomes are amended for three hour session