Leadership for New Consultants

Are you a new consultant in the first 5 years of your post?
Do you want to enhance and build your own personal style of leadership?

New Programme now open – 3rd and 4th December 2019 and 13th May 2020
Uffculme Centre, Birmingham B13 8QY

Our exciting residential programme with leadership experts
Professor Pat Tissington and Dr Liz Spencer is the ideal opportunity to:

  • Critically review the latest leadership practices
  • Reflect and create a structure for your own thinking and development as a leader
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What to expect

Cost of full programme £545 (accommodation not included, lots of local options)

This includes

  • 3 Day at the Uffculme Centre
  • Access to personal psychometric tools and evaluation
  • Ongoing remote support from an experienced faculty member
  • Final review day at 6 months

You will have pushed yourself for years to achieve promotion to consultant and it is a great achievement. But although you will have acquired a huge amount of clinical expertise, many recently promoted consultants have told us they feel there is a gap in their understanding about themselves as professionals. We have used the term ‘leadership’ for this personal development need.

This course is not about preparing you to take on new roles or extra responsibilities (Audit Lead, College Tutor etc). It’s about understanding yourself so you get your head around stepping up from training to your new challenge of being a consultant.

This 3 day programme will give you time and space to reflect on how you are managing the issues that you are currently dealing with – leading your clinical team, supporting individuals in other professions, engaging in service-related projects and being overall responsible for complex situations.

We will be focusing on your non-technical skills; starting with a scientifically tested self-awareness exercise with individual feedback. This will highlight your strengths and capabilities with suggestions how you can maximize these.

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • Learned about your strengths and how to play to them
  • Reflected on your working and leadership style
  • Developed coaching skills
  • Received peer coaching
  • Developed a network of peers across specialisms
  • Carried out a short action learning set

Once you have registered we will be contacting you to find out what you wish to get from the course and we will be tailoring the course appropriately

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Personal psychometrics – Strengthscope

The Faculty

Dr Liz Spencer

Dr Liz Spencer – retired consultant anaesthetist & Director of Medical Education. Past Chair & Education Adviser of NACT UK

Established the successful Basics for Leadership in Medical Education courses – CorBLIME & MorBLIME – for NACT UK which have been running regularly for last 10 years. Developed and delivered the Education Leadership Programme for Surgeons (ELPS) for Royal College of Surgeons (London). She believes that personal development is the key to successful leadership.

Professor Pat Tissington
2017-06-23 15.54.20 2-1

For five years he was Programme Director of the Royal College of Physicians MSc Medical Leadership and has held senior positions at Birkbeck, University of London and Aston University.

is a senior academic at the University of Warwick and worked as an Occupational Psychologist for 20 years, his interest is in helping people to lead more productive and happier lives. With a practical outlook built on a firm evidence base, his experience is in developing leaders and creating real teams.

He is completely practical but his programmes are always based on the best peer-reviewed evidence available. He is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Chartered Psychologist.

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